Voice of Real Australia: Great treks start with a single step

Nathan Harris-Dent and Blake Dobles (left), Joash Taufa'ahau, and Warren Wright are all doing walks for charities.
Nathan Harris-Dent and Blake Dobles (left), Joash Taufa'ahau, and Warren Wright are all doing walks for charities.

It's one of those quotes that just rolls off your tongue if you hear half of it: "One small step for man ... "

You know how it ends. Did you you just complete the sentence: "One giant leap for mankind"?

And while no-one else can replicate the 1969 deeds of US astronaut Neil Armstrong as he first set foot on the moon, at any given time there are a lot of people taking a lot of steps for good causes across the nation at any one time.

And, even in these times of border closures and community lockdowns, people are still stretching their legs for all manner of good causes.

Take Joash Taufa'ahau, for example. Years ago he dreamed of of hiking the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) - a 4000km stretch of coast along the west coast of the United States from the Mexican to Canadian border. He's amended that and trimmed his expectations. Instead he has the NSW coastline in his sights - well, 1000km of it.

Joash started his coastal trek at the Tweed Heads State Border Marker a few days before Christmas, armed with nothing more than a backpack and a one-man tent. The Nambucca Guardian caught up with him about 330km in.

"I knew I wanted to fundraise for a cause I believed in," he told reporter Mel Leigh Dee. "I worked in three different restaurants when I was a kid and I saw the amount of waste that was thrown away."

So Joash dedicated his adventure - dubbed the Hike for Hunger - to OzHarvest, the largest food rescue organisation in the country. You can follow his progress here.

And you never know, two young men walking from Melbourne to Brisbane, Nathan Harris-Dent and Blake Dobles, could just bump into Joash.

They've dubbed their three-month, 2200km trek, the pair have named the adventure Ks for Days as they raise funds for the Victoria-based charity, Dogs for Kids.

And, of course, it's just not the mainland where people are on journeys of self-discovery with a good cause thrown in. The Examiner in Tasmania caught up with Warren Wright with his trusted trailer Bluey as he left the big island for the little one last week.

He's shining a light on mental health during his planned three-year trek around the country. Already he's been to dozens of country towns in NSW and expects to spend the next three months in Tassie.

"My key message is if you know anybody hurting, go and see if they're alright. Check on your neighbours and friends, it's not hard. It'll make that person's day. It did for me."

And just like Joash and Nathan and Blake, Warren's keen to say g'day: "If you see a blue trailer and a guy with blue hair, say hello, beep your horn and just help anybody that needs help."

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