Ideas to decorate your blank canvas | Trending

Landscape image mounted on acrylic glass, $630 to $2700.
Landscape image mounted on acrylic glass, $630 to $2700.

Forget about being off the wall - it's what's on the wall that really sets the mood.

Marble print wallpaper, from $79 per square metre. Wallpaper instantly lifts a room, and this removable variety means you can change it when the mood suits you, or slap it up even if you're renting.

Marcantonio bird lamp, $320. A quirky resin light fitting that would suit any room crying out for some personality or a focal point.

Shoe mirror, $549. Framed by cobbler's wooden shoe moulds, this mirror reflects a unique sense of style.

Umbra Trigg hanging planter vase set, $36.95. Indoor plants have happily taken over our lives, why not add them to your wall decor?

Graham & Brown's Songbird Lilac wallpaper, $72 per roll. Birds and blossoms are a popular design for wallpaper, able to complement both traditional and modern design styles. Available at Bunnings.

Seabird recycled canvas wall banner, $89. Throw this on your wall hung from a branch, or for a more structured look, pop it in a frame.

Jarrah and Ash deco wall clock, $239. The most obvious items to hang on your wall don't have to be boring.

Jocelyn Proust black cockatoo framed art, $30. Splashing art on your walls doesn't have to be expensive. Buy what you can afford, using a similar frame or colour palette for unity, and create your own gallery wall.