The Informer: Remember those three-word slogans ...

When three is key.
When three is key.

Remember those heady days of three-word slogans?

Tick them off with me: stop the boats, axe the tax, back in black, drain the swamp (yes, an US interloper but ... still applicable). There are many more but surely your memory is jogged now.

Well, those days might just be back. Or not.

It's hard to know if "test, trace, and isolate" will catch on. But if Lawrie Lawrence's lifesaving ditty about "supervise, watch your mate and learn how to resuscitate" can, then anything can.

"Test, trace and isolate" are the three "weapons" Acting Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly said will be used to fight the growing number of COVID-19 cases in Victoria.

And he's used the success in north-west Tasmania earlier as evidence of how outbreaks can be controlled.

Victorian health authorities confirmed 73 new coronavirus cases on Wednesday, which marks more than two weeks of double-digit increases.

South Australian nurses and ambos are crossing the border to help out in Victoria but if people from Melbourne's hotspots try to make it into NSW they can expect a hit to the hip pocket.

Queenslanders will continue to live under some form of restrictions on their daily lives until there is a vaccine for COVID-19.

And as drastic as some may think reactions are in Australia, this terrifying statistic from the US: More than 48,000 coronavirus cases were announced across the United States on Tuesday, the most of any day of the pandemic.

Anthony S. Fauci, the States' top infectious diseases expert, told a Senate panel yesterday that the alarming spread "puts the entire country at risk."

New infections have been numbering more than 40,000 a day and cases could "go up to 100,000 a day," he warned, "if this does not turn around."

If we were allowed to gather in numbers around office watercoolers, non-COVID talk would likely have been on two subjects - Bunnings and Australian Made.

The home and hardware giant will no longer stock timber logged by Victorian government owned agency VicForests. This comes after VicForests failed to comply with a regional forest agreement which breached national environment laws.

And when social media lit up today with "news" the Australian Made kangaroo logo was about to be ditched, for a COVID-19-like blob, Australian Made hit back the only way possible - on social media.

Fear not, the roo stays. (Presumably we have a little-known but lightning fast "keep our roo" three-word slogan campaign to thank for that).

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