Northam leavers' school ball postponed to protect public health

As part of tightening social gathering restrictions, high school leavers have had to put a halt on their school ball preparations.

Northam Senior High School announced to students and parents last week that the April 3 Year 12 School Ball would be postponed in response to COVID-19.

In a statement on social media, the school said it was a decision made with 'deep regret'.

"This is an event that is highly anticipated and we know all students, parents, carers and staff will be disappointed," the statement read.

"Once again, this decision is made to keep our community healthy and safe.

"We would advise that students and carers contact any other party from whom they have hired outfits for the ball and make necessary arrangements.

"We know this is very disappointing news and thank you for your anticipated support."

Students were advised that they would be reimbursed for the cost of their ticket.