Illusion of space: expert guide to furnishing small spaces

Mastering the art of furnishing small spaces can be a perplexing and proportional nightmare. Given the current climate where space is at a premium, many of us are faced with the challenge of creating beautiful spaces in small quarters, without compromising on quality of life.

Finding the ideal balance between design and functionality is critical when it comes to furnishing small spaces, with the key being to combine space-saving and multifunctional pieces to give the allusion of a larger space.

To teach us the tricks of the trade, we've enlisted the help of David Hardwick, Head of Product for King Living, who reveals everything you need to know about creating comfortable living spaces that appear larger than life.

Choose a light colour palette

To make your space feel larger, keep things light when it comes to choosing colours for your walls and furniture. Rich, dark colours can create a heaviness to your space, making them appear smaller. As the sofa is the largest piece of furniture in the space, it's best to choose a lighter colour. This can be anchored with a rug in a darker or more vibrant shade and a statement print armchair.

Invest in multi-functional furniture

When it comes to maximising a small space, versatility in the form of multi-functional furniture is key. Many make the mistake of working their space around the furniture, instead of buying pieces that will work with the space. The living room is the perfect space to integrate multi-functional furniture, however it is imperative to select size-appropriate pieces, to ensure it doesn't overwhelm your space. Consider placing a three-seater and two-seater Uno Sofa together in an L shape to create an inviting space, whilst providing ample seating.

Understand proportions

Understanding how proportions work is essential for smaller living spaces. The same way mirrors help to expand a room, smaller-frame furniture can create the illusion of a larger room. This is particularly essential when deciding on a dining table, a large, decorative table will take up more space and make the room feel cluttered. When selecting tables, opt for those with round tops as opposed to rectangular, as they work better to maximise space. For dining chairs, go for an armless option like the Quay Indoor Armless Dining Chairs to help the room feel open and comfortable.

Utilise hidden storage

Another simple yet effective solution to amplify small living spaces is to invest in furniture with storage. For the bedroom, storage beds are a great way to help reduce visual clutter and maximise floor space. They will reduce the need for additional furniture like wardrobes and dressers which in turn frees up more floor space for movement and ensuring your room feels clutter-free and at its functional best. The elegant Serenade Storage Bed comes with a generous in-built storage compartment, making it an ideal fit for small bedrooms. The luxurious headboard is also customisable and can be covered in a range of premium fabrics or European leathers.

Add a statement piece

One of the simplest ways to detract attention from noticing a room's smaller footprint is to anchor every space with a statement piece of furniture. In small rooms an excess of décor can make a space feel small and cluttered, so why not let the room breathe and add interest in the form of a statement furniture piece instead? For those bold enough to inject some colour, try the Seymour Mid Fixed Chair in the luxurious Positano Cinnamon fabric.