Perth man diagnosed with coronavirus on ship

BREAKING: An 80-year-old Perth man has tested positive for coronavirus onboard the quarantined Diamond Princess in Japan.

He is believed to be the first West Australian to be diagnosed.

The man was on board the ship with his wife, who has not tested positive to the virus.

They are among about 3000 passengers and crew stuck on the ship in the Japanese port of Yokohama.

Their daughter Marcelly told the ABC her father Val tested positive for the virus this morning.

"There's no way he can be contacted, because he doesn't have a mobile phone, so that's my biggest worry at the moment, is how do we stay in contact with him," she told the ABC.

Marcelly told the ABC her father had not shown any obvious flu-like symptoms.

"He's actually feeling really good. That's the strangeness of the situation, he's feeling great, my mum's feeling good," she said.

The elderly man is expected to be transferred to a hospital on the mainland