Letters to the Editor | February 12, 2020

Australia Day awards. Photo by Angie Roe Photogaraphy.
Australia Day awards. Photo by Angie Roe Photogaraphy.

Australia Day awards

A big thank you to Nola Chamberlain who believed I was worthy of a nomination for the Shire Of Northam's Citizen of the Year award. I was very surprised, humbled and proud to receive this honour, especially after seeing some very worthy recipients over the past years. I congratulate the other nominees and acknowledge all they do for the community. My achievements for the community could only come to fruition with the help of my family, friends and generous community and business people. It takes a village to raise a child. I also believe it takes a great community to nurture and grow a village. Look at our amazing village caring for each other and growing. Love where you live.

Dianne Tinetti

Northam, 6401

Dawn Corellas Ask to be Let Live: against the 2020 Northam 'Corella Cull'

On returning after being away, and hearing corellas at dawn

As if survival of dawn and call

is a matter of word sparkle -

a quid pro quo you expect from 'art',

a gift of zest and boost of the beautiful.

How so, when so many people won't stand

for the art of corella, the collaborative

art, the voicings of faith and fascination,

the line through darkness that gives?

When the cullers come to cull

ask how many are getting a bit of sport

out of it - the kill that plays with 'skill',

the art of the dawn call's bloody fall.

John Kinsella

Toodyay, 6566

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