Yongah Hill detainees strike after allegedly being served rotten food

The Australian Border Force has confirmed that a group of detainees at the Yongah Hill Immigration Detention Centre had been protesting over the past fortnight in relation to concerns.

The protest come after reports that detainees claimed they had been served rotten food and denied necessary medications.

An Australian Border Force spokesperson said there were peaceful protests taking place at the Northam-based centre.

"The Australian Border Force at Yongah Hill Immigration Detention Centre continue to engage with detainees in relation to their concerns," the spokesperson said.

"The Australian Border Force is committed to ensuring that the health, safety and wellbeing of all detainees is maintained.

"Detainees are provided comprehensive medical care.

"All detainees have access to clean and comfortable sleeping quarters, are provided with regular nutritious meals, fresh fruit and other healthy snacks.

"Australian Border Force and the Department respect the detainees right to raise issues related to their detention arrangements and continue to work with them in relation to the concerns identified."

The reports come a year after the Australian Border Force denied inmates at a number of immigration detention centres, including Yongah Hill, had been participating in mass hunger strikes.

An article released in the national press in January 2019 reported that around 300 detainees at the Yongah Hill Immigration Detention Centre were in the process of a hunger strike.

An Australian Border Force spokesperson said detainees who publicly claimed to be on a hunger strike continued to be seen eating and drinking within the centres, although not attending regular meal times.