Local MPs welcome housing boost to create jobs and affordable housing

Local MPs welcome housing boost to create jobs and affordable housing

Agricultural Region MLCs Darren West and Laurie Graham have welcomed a $150 million Housing Investment Package announced last month.

The package includes $19.2 million for 200 additional shared equity homes, delivered in partnership with Keystart, WA's low deposit home ownership scheme.

The duo said the scheme would allow people, who may be unable to own their own home, access to lower deposit loans and waived mortgage insurance by co-owning a share of the property with the State Government.

The Government's package also includes an extension to temporary changes to Keystart eligibility by an extra six months.

Mr West said the Housing Investment Package would also deliver $125 million for more than 300 new public housing units targeting homeless and vulnerable people on the priority waitlist and a further $6 million to refurbish 20 regional and 50 metropolitan public housing properties.

"This housing investment package will also provide a boost to our housing construction industry and will help create up to 1000 new jobs," he said.

"We're taking real action to tackle homelessness and help to put a roof over the heads of some of WA's most vulnerable people and families.

"Since being elected in 2013, I have worked closely with the housing services sector.

"I am acutely aware of the housing and homelessness issues in and around Geraldton and this announcement will help us greatly to address these."

Mr Graham said thr latest announcement came on top of a succession of announcements over the past 12 months, which aimed to boost the building and construction sector and create jobs for Western Australian workers.

"There are a lot of families and young people across the Agricultural Region who have not been able to consider home ownership in the past because it hasn't been affordable for them.

"This will help to get more local families into their own homes.

"This announcement builds on previous announcements that will boost the housing construction industry and generate work for people in and around WA.

"Local jobs are our number one priority."