Humans of the Wheatbelt - Liam Cleak

I have been in the Wheatbelt since April but I don't want to be anywhere else in the world ever again. I'm so happy.

I came here for rehabilitation through at Fresh Start. I was living in Freemantle and it was getting quite dangerous. I was raised in Rockingham.

I love that it's quite and that everyone really knows everyone. It's such a welcoming community with an amazing vibe. I'm going to buy a house here one day. I see my future as one day just writing everyday for a living. Whether it be reviewing, editing, publishing or writing my own stuff.

My parents always tried to push me towards journalism but because I was always a stubborn kid, I was like nah just want to write fiction. I have 4 brothers and step mum and dad and we all get along.

I play guitar and write songs. I also write my own stories. I am currently writing a novel and am working on a series for Netflix. Hopefully it gets produced. I also keep busy by running the bookshed factory. I want to get into filming too someday.

I am meeting a lot of people working here plus I get to talk about my favourite subject which is books and horror. I have started regular videoed book reviews that I release via Facebook and a YouTube channel called Liam's Library.

The best moment of my life was getting in touch with my son after a really big lapse of not seeing him for about 6 years. I get to see him later this year. He is thirteen this year.

I have an older son as well, I hope to get in touch one day. I was very young when I had my eldest. Going to Broome when I was 19 and being there working for the tourist season was also a great experience.

I went to Ireland when I was a little kid to meet my mum's family before she passed away. She got skin cancer and went into remission, so we went over. I was only 5 but I remember everything about Ireland.

The worst moment of my life was the last five years I spent living on the streets of Fremantle. Being a streetie and living with other homeless people was pretty scary and full on. I made lots of friends and a lot are still out there. Some of them want to get out and have asked for help. I hope they all find what they want. I know some people who have been on the streets since they were little kids. Now they are on their 60s and still out there, they are functional but it's hard.

My favourite writers are Stephen King, Peter Straub, John D Macdonald and Joe Hill. My favourite book has to be Floating Dragon - it's a novel from 1982. My writing style is a cross between an Aussie Stephen King and Peter Stroud

I'm, now studying at Northam TAFE - it's a certificate three in Community Services. I would like to give back to the people that have helped me and work in the alcohol and drug sector.It been a childhood dream to be published. I am literally just finishing the millionth edit on my short story collection and I am going to send it to Fremantle Press. I am not sure if I will ever been entirely happy with in.

My advice is don't try to do too many things at once when your young, you know what I mean. Just sort of be a kid don't try to be an adult. Do the right thing because it might not be as fun but it will make you into a good functioning adult.

Human - Liam Cleak

Interviewer - Anna Cornish

Photographer - Jazz Randhawa