Northam Indoor Hockey Association's Angry Girls put a stop to Panthers' winning streak

2018. Photo supplied.
2018. Photo supplied.

Indoor hockey results for November 29:

Angry Girls (8) defeated Panthers (1);

Best Angry Girls - Chloe Fleay, Hallee Collard, Stephanie Donegan;

Best Panthers - Terena Davis, Stacey Fernihough, Nadine Negus.

Flicks (4) defeated Falcons (2);

Best Flicks - Stef Della, Megan Purslowe, Sophie Davidson;

Best Falcons - Danielle Perkins, Rhonda Hill, Alana Hartley.

Goodies (5) defeated Meckering (0);

Best Goodies - Suzette Geary, Cassie Coe, Tayla Higginson;

Best Meckering - Brooke Linto, Sophie Taylor, Tenealle Pimlott.

Warriors forfeited to Benchwarmers.

Better Halves (7) defeated Rebels (2);

Best Better Halves - Beau Battista, Josh King, Carl Della;

Best Rebels - Adam Kelly, Grant Leeson, Blakely Paynter.

Crabs (4) defeated CBF (2);

Best Crabs - Jason Osborne, Cody Power, Damon Geary;

Best players CBF - Cody Stewart, Chad McPherson, Jack Paterson.