Avon Valley residents called on to help those going without food this Christmas

Woolworths Northam customers are being encouraged to support this year's Woolworths OzHarvest Christmas Appeal.

In response to the growing demand for support, customers are urged to purchase a 50 cent meal token to help provide a meal for the one in five people in Western Australia who have experienced food insecurity in the past 12 months.

A recent Foodbank Hunger Report research showed the need for food relief services had increased by 20 per cent over the past year.

At least once a week, 30 per cent of food insecure Australians go a whole day without eating and the Appeal aims to reduce this number over the Christmas period in WA.

Through the appeal, and supplemented by regular donations of fresh produce from Woolworths stores nationally, Woolworths Fresh Food Rescue Partner, OzHarvest, aims to deliver meals to more than 106 charitable agencies across the state.

OzHarvest founder Ronni Kahn said the program would help ease the ever increasing need from around the country.

"Going hungry at Christmas is a harsh reality for an increasing number of Western Australia residents," she said.

"We are asking generous Woolworths customers to support the OzHarvest Christmas Appeal, so that we can continue to deliver much needed food to local charities that support Australians requiring hunger relief."

By purchasing a 50 cent dinner plate token at the register of any Woolworths store or online from now until Christmas Eve, customers will be able to help OzHarvest provide a meal for an Aussie in need.

Woolworths store manager David Malone said he encouraged all Avon Valley residents to get on board.

"We're concerned by the number of Australians seeking food relief, a number on the rise, and we're committed to supporting those in need in our local community," he said.

"The Woolworths OzHarvest Christmas Appeal is such an important time of year for us, together with our customers, to all play a role in making a difference."

Over the past two years, the Woolworths OzHarvest Christmas Appeal has raised more than $2 million for OzHarvest, providing four million meals for Australians in need.

This year, the aim is to raise yet another $1 million to support Australian families at a time that sees increased pressure on household budgets.

Woolworths has partnered with OzHarvest since 2015 to help reduce food waste by providing surplus fresh food from their supermarkets to Aussies who would otherwise go without.