Wundowie police charge locals with range of drug and driving offences

Residents living in outlying towns within the Shire of Northam have been subject to a number of warrants in relation to stealing and drug offences over the past few weeks.

Wundowie police carried out a search warrant in relation to a burglary last month at the Wundowie Foundry in which an amount of copper wire and other items were stolen.

Police charged a 23-year-old male with aggravated burglary and possession of prohibited drugs with intent to sell or supply.

Another warrant executed in Bakers Hill last week located over 650 grams of cannabis, almost $4000 in cash, numerous implements and illegal fireworks.

A 49-year-old male was charged with possession of cannabis with intent sell or supply and unlawful possession.

He was bailed to appear at Northam Magistrates Court later this month.

Another male, 29, was also charged with drug and offences relating to possession of fireworks.

Wundowie police officer in charge Sergeant Sarah Clarke said despite debates surrounding cannabis usage and medical benefits, the drug still had the ability to cause harm to the community.

"We realise that there is ongoing debate around cannabis usage with the medicinal cannabis debate creating rhetoric, but let me clear - possessing cannabis is illegal and if you are going to sell illegal drugs in the community - to our children, to the vulnerable, to those addicted so much so that it impacts on their lives every day - you will be targeted," she said.

"The impact and the flow-on effects of illegal drug dealing in the community is often underestimated.

"It can impact on employment opportunities, crime rates, family life and present a significant danger on our roads if you drive under the influence of it."

A vehicle stop in the townsite of Wundowie late last month also uncovered numerous items consistent with the manufacture of methamphetamine.

The area was cordoned off and specialist police and forensic officers attended and assessed the vehicle.

As a result, a 26-year-old female was charged with manufacturing a prohibited drug with intent to sell or supply and has been remanded in custody to appear in court later this month.

A warrant was executed where a large quantity of MDMA was located, a stolen motor bike recovered and another motorcycle seized under hoon legislation.

Sergeant Clarke said the find prevented the distribution of methamphetamine in the community.

"The manufacture of amphetamine is a highly dangerous activity, not to mention the often crude drug produced," she said.

"People need to be aware of the dangers of 'backyard' operations and the significant danger they pose - not only to those producing the drugs, but for those that subsequently ingest it."

Sergeant Clarke said another recent success for local police was a number of charges laid in relation to reckless driving within the town.

A 17-year-old female was charged with reckless driving for performing 'donuts' in the Wundowie oval reserve in the afternoon.

The vehicle was later seized by police after it was not surrendered.

Another male was also charged reckless driving in the same area.

His vehicle was seized by police shortly after the offence.

Sergeant Clarke said hoon-like behaviour was a long-running concern expressed by residents.

"The community of Wundowie have had enough of hoons tearing down their streets and idiotic driving behaviour in areas where their children play," she said.

"We have an increased presence around town and also more CCTV resources available to us so we will be focusing on targeting dangerous driving in the community.

"If you drive like clown, we will take your car and we will take your licence from you."