Noongar stories travel from York to Taipei

A collection of animated Noongar stories from York will feature in a major new exhibition in Taiwan.

The stop motion films are a part of Island Tales: Taiwan and Australia which opens at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum on November 15.

Balardong storytellers Audrey Narkle Nettle and Tracey Kickett will travel to Taipei for the exhibition opening and present a story telling session.

Mrs Nettle said the experience would be one of a kind.

"I'm looking forward to meeting the Taiwanese people and sharing our stories from across the ocean and I want to hear their stories too," she said.

The Welcome to Balardong animation was produced during Community Arts Network's Rekindling Stories on Country program.

Community members created clay figurines to recreate local histories from a Noongar perspective.

The figurines were then animated by digital artists Steve Aiton, Bradley Kickett and Mat Sav.

Mrs Nettle said the art project explored local Indigenous life.

"For me, those stories are about what it was like growing up on the reserve and how our lives were ruled by the 1905 Welfare Act," she said.

"People were unaware that we lived like that, the didn't know there was a lot of racism.

"But we don't want to dwell on that, we just got on with it and it made us strong."

The opportunity to show the work in Taipei was the result of a curatorial partnership between the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA) and the Taipei Fine Arts Museum.

The cultural and artistic exchange celebrates the 20th anniversary of the sister city relationship between the City of Perth and Taipei.

The Perth exhibition, Unfolding Acts - New Art from Paipei and Perth, is currently on show at PICA in Perth and will continue until December 22.

It also features the animated stories from York's Noongar community.

The sister show Island Tales: Taiwan and Australia will be on display at Taipei Fine Arts Museum from November until January 3, 2020.