St Joseph's School construction making clear progress

The St Joseph's School Northam secondary campus has been a hive of activity since the beginning of June when ground was broken to begin the start of a new building program.

Four new open plan classrooms are almost at lockup stage and will be ready just before Christmas.

A new oval has also been created on the corner of Duke and Gordon Streets.

This is ready to be reticulated and turf laid next week.

St Joseph's School principal Andrea Woodgate said the construction work has not been a disruption to students.

"The secondary students were to be commended on the way in which they coped with having little play space," she said.

"They have found creative alternatives to keep them busy at break times."

After the Christmas break, work will begin on the next stage which will consist of a new administration block, a new staff lunch room, work area and new toilets.

Mrs Woodgate said it was an exciting time for the school.

"We also understand that it can be difficult for our neighbours in Duke Street who have had to live alongside a building site," she said.

"We are very grateful for their patience."