Beverley Soaring Society helps local family's diabetes fundraiser

Brigadoon resident Ethan Fair is helping West Coast Eagle Jamie Cripps kick diabetes research goals after recently meeting the star forward.

The 11-year-old discovered he had the incurable autoimmune condition type 1 diabetes 18-months-ago - a diagnosis that shocked his family.

"It was life-changing for all of us as we learnt how to keep Ethan alive because managing the condition is a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week job," Ethan's mum, Tynita Bozich said.

Ethan uses continuous glucose monitoring technology to keep a check on his blood glucose levels and a pump to deliver the lifesaving insulin he needs.

"We're eternally grateful for research that has led to these advances in managing diabetes but every family who lives with it still dreams of a cure because it's such a complex condition and keeping on top of it is relentless," Mrs Bozich said.

"Our goal is to keep Ethan healthy and manage his blood glucose levels as best we can so that when a cure arrives, he'll be able to take full advantage of it without diabetes-related health complications.

"Ethan manages his diabetes quite well but he still wants to be like the other kids who don't have it."

Diabetes Research WA executive director Sherl Westlund said while research and technology had positively changed lives, people with diabetes still felt a loss of freedom.

"Having type 1 means you can't just eat a meal or snack without planning for it because what you eat affects how much insulin you need to take and your blood glucose levels can still swing too high or low which can be dangerous and lead to serious health complications," she said.

Mrs Bozich said having role models like Jamie Cripps, who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 18, just before he was picked up in the AFL draft, was fantastic for Ethan.

The 11-year-old and his brother Oscar also helped the fundraising efforts, raising $165 with the helf of the Beverley Soaring Society.

AFL player Jamie Cripps was recently announced as Ambassador for Diabetes Research WA and is spearheading the charity's 'Help Crippa Kick Diabetes Research Goals' campaign to raise $60,000 to fund one of the group's annual diabetes research grants.

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