Golf campaign comes to end

Lining up: Gary Balt, winner of the AFL Golf Day event, contemplating his shot on No. 4. Photo: Supplied.
Lining up: Gary Balt, winner of the AFL Golf Day event, contemplating his shot on No. 4. Photo: Supplied.

It was a busy couple of weeks at the Northam Country Club with two sponsored events leading up to the final club fixture for the year on the AFL grand final day.

September 14 was a stableford event sponsored by Byfields. It would be great to have an accountant from Byfields to look after your golf scorecard, they could write off your bad scores, depreciate the end result ensuring you have a good return. One player lodging a strong claim on the trophy was Les Lee who amassed 38 points to win the day with a good margin. Runner-up was Rob Davis with 32 points, beating Jeremy Lawler on a countback.

Avon Valley Toyota novelties: Best third shot: No. 3 Chadd Hunt; No. 15 Kevin Smith; No. 18 Jeremy Lawler; NTP: No. 6 Jeremy Lawler; No. 12 Peter Bray; No. 14 Les Lee.

Getting a good return on his investment was Peter Bray winning the money hole with a long putt on 17.

Sept 21: In fine conditions and the course in top shape another stableford event was up for grabs, the day sponsored by Beaurepaires. With the golfers in the field resembling a tyre reject heap, some bald, some well worn and mostly over-inflated it would take a well balanced and slick performance to ensure they get a firm grip on the trophy.

At the end of the day a recap of the scores revealed that Cameron Stewart had taken the trophy with a score of 38, defeating and deflating Roger Podmore into second place with a score of 36. Avon Valley Toyota novelties: Best 3rd shot: No. 15 Brian Gogan; No. 18 Steve Dinka; NTP: No. 6 Ray Wiktorski; No. 12 Brain Gogan; No. 14 Bruce Smart. Nailing the money hole on No. 1 was Gary Balt.

September 28: It was an early start for the field to ensure they had completed the competition in time to see the AFL grand final on the big screen. Taking one game at a time Gary Balt set his sights on winning the day's event to be on the winners podium at the end of the game. Not satisfied with just getting the four points, Balt amassed 36 points to win the day from Max Hubble who put in a gutsy performance for 34. Avon Valley Toyota novelties: Nearest the pins:No. 6 Don Bates; No. 12 Steve Dinka; No. 14 Steve Dinka.

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