Renegades hang on to claim netball premiership

The Northam Netball Association A-grade grand final was anticipated to be anyone's game based on the close results in the run up to the season finale. However, no-one could have predicted just how close.

Level points between the top teams meant it was going to be down to how well players managed nerves and coped with the pressure with a packed stadium of netball enthusiasts.

In one corner were Jetz, a young skilled team with height advantages in their shooting circle and plenty of energy. They were focused and warmed up looking very impressive. In the other corner with a team familiar with a grand final situation were Renegades. A more experienced team with some having played netball before their opposition even held their first Gilbert netball.

Both teams keen to take the lead however first to score were Jetz. The first quarter continued with impressive netball skills from both teams, Renegades pulled ahead as Jetz stumbled a little but Jetz caught up to lead 12-10 at quarter time.

A tight second quarter going goal for goal until Jetz pulled ahead again to lead 25 - 22 at half-time.

The third quarter was nail-biting with players trying to save every ball from going out of bounds knowing every pass mattered. A successful penalty after the whistle put Renegades ahead one goal at three-quarter time.

The fourth quarter was simply exhilarating. Teams were neck and neck, point for point. The slightest mistake too often resulted in a goal for the opposition, so players knew to make every pass count. The pressure was on with both teams penalised for holding as marking was also very tight. Some misguided passes saw Jetz punished as Renegades pulled ahead 41-44 with only a few minutes to go. It wasn't over yet as Jetz came back again 45 - 47 Renegades, but the whistle blew signalling the end of the game. A clear demonstration that every second counted as mere moments could have seen a different result.

A thrilling, high standard of Netball played by two very well-matched teams and enjoyable for everyone present regardless of their team colours. Final score 46 - 47 Renegades.

The NNA committee would like to thank everyone that participated in the 2019 season. Players, umpires, coaches, managers, spectators. It was a team effort and special thanks to our generous sponsors Avon Valley Nissan, Bayer, Landmark Northam, Primaries Northam and Subway Northam.

Fairest and Best in grand final: 12's - Addison Granville (Bakers Hill); 14's - Jacob Smith (Sharks);16's - Latoya Gidjup - (Shadows); C - Chrissy Dunkerton (Renegades); B - Kellie Whitehurst (Dowerin); A - Gemma McPherson (Renegades) and Katelyn West (Jets).