Two Northam councillors reinstated unopposed, 12 nominate for further three positions

Shire of Northam councillors Chris Antonio and Julie Williams have been reinstated to the roles following the local government election ballot draw on Thursday afternoon.

The duo ran unopposed for their positions in the East and Central wards and will become councillors for another term as of election night.

Ten nominations were received for the town ward, currently held by John Proud and Rob Tinetti.

The current seat-holders renominated for their roles, alongside Ross Beckett, Rebekah Ervin, Jerry Sturman, Denis Beresford, Earnest Ervin, Maren Lavery, Maria Girak and Des Hughes.

Dave Galloway and Gavin Currie have nominated for the west ward of the Shire, currently held by Chris Davidson who did not renominate.

The Shire of Northam local election has been scheduled for October 19.