A new solo show at Northam Visitor Centre

Toodyay artist Caroline Colman's rich floral, landscape and abstract paintings are on display for a month in the AVAS Inc. space at Northam Visitor Centre.

At the age of 42, Ms Colman gave up a safe, secure career to pursue her passion - art.

"I enrolled at Claremont School of Art and after three years full time study graduated with a Diploma of Fine Art, majoring in painting," she said.

"I am now nearly 70 years of age and have painted and exhibited occasionally over the last 30 years.

"My appreciation of art and art forms has been such an enormous blessing in my life.

"Mostly it is about the joy of life and connecting with whatever God/the Universe is and I know if it were not for these two things, I would not be painting.

"I stay in the moment with no mind activity and start by mixing paint.

"I have absolutely no preconception of what will emerge.

"I then work layer upon layer (sometimes staining, dripping and then applying thick pure paint with palette knives) until suddenly I know the work is finished - sometimes it takes only hours, sometimes years.

"And lo and behold it usually reminds me of a place I have been, or trees or flowers from my garden.

"I love this journey and hope the end result will also bring joy and a smile to whoever sees them."

Ms Colman's work will be on display until 9th October.