Northam young leaders meet with fellow students and Governor General

Students from Northam Senior High School were among more than 120 students from across the Pearce electorate attended the forum to share ideas, ask questions and receive guidance from attorney general Christian Porter last week at the 2019 Pearce Young Leaders Forum.

With guest speakers and WA sportspeople Matt Fuller and Courtney Bruce, Mr Porter said the yearly event was an important opportunity for leaders in the community to share their experience with the next generation.

"The Pearce Young Leaders Forum is an annual event which we hold to help inspire young people in our community to dream big, and reach their goals. We're proud to be able to gather these young leaders together and help to equip them for their future. With the right help, there's nothing that they can't achieve," he said.

"Leadership is all about helping others to do their best and push towards a common goal. We want to give our young people the help they need to go out into the community ready to lead and inspire others."

Ex-professional rugby player and businessman Matt Fuller spoke about his upbringing, professional rugby career, and efforts fundraising for charity at the Forum.

"I think the Pearce Young Leaders Forum is a great concept. The more that we can give to young kids so they can build a better future, the better," Mr Fuller said.

"Knowledge is power. Hearing some stories and hearing Courtney and Christian speak, it makes me feel very proud that we've contributed in some way."

West Coast Fever captain Courtney Bruce encouraged students to work hard and spoke of the events' success.

"This is the kind of stuff that brings me a lot of joy. We can always learn something from someone else, so if the students take anything from my journey that helps them then that makes me really happy," Ms Bruce said.

"I think the forum was fantastic. The kids had some really good questions for us and I thought they were really engaged."

Students were given the opportunity to ask questions directly to the speakers during the question and answer period of the forum, as well as afterwards during the accompanying morning tea.

Mr Porter and the speakers fielded questions on a range of topics, including dealing with struggles and conflict, building a strong future and the nature of leadership.

"If I can offer you one piece of advice - find out what it is that you love, what you are passionate about, be brave and go for it," Mr Porter said.

"People will see your passion and enthusiasm, and those traits are the foundations of great leadership."