Federals and Railways in derby clash

Ready to play: Federals lined up for Welcome to Country ahead of the derby game on August 18. Photos: Supplied.
Ready to play: Federals lined up for Welcome to Country ahead of the derby game on August 18. Photos: Supplied.
Federals, May 2019.

Federals, May 2019.

The local derby between Railways and Federals was played last Sunday to end the home and away fixtures and with Federals Reserves finishing the season clear on top of the ladder and the league having locked in a final's birth it would be a matter of pride and bragging rights as to who is the best team in Northam.

Federals Reserves side took to the field with a strong combination of experienced and young fleet of foot players and it was soon obvious that our leg speed would cause Railways problems as Federals gained the upper hand, pushing the ball forward to kick five goals for the first stanza while holding Railways to 1 goal - 2 points, ending the term with a 22-point lead.

Railways players lined up for Welcome to Country.

Railways players lined up for Welcome to Country.

The second quarter was played in similar fashion and only for some goal-front inaccuracy Federals could have extended their lead even further as they kicked 3.5 while restricting their opponents to 1.1, to go to the long break leading by 38.

The second half of the game saw Federals continue to pepper the big sticks adding four goals for the third term and five goals in the last, while Railways could only manage two goals in each quarter to hand Federals a comfortable winning margin of 68 points. Final scores being Federals 17.8 (110) to Railways 6.6 (42).

Awards: 1st Scott Slater; 2nd Zane Slater; 3rd Reynald McIntosh; Coaches' award to David Slater.

The League encounter was billed as the match of the round as Federals prepare for the finals and Railways unfortunately falling short to make the finals due to a few unlucky close losses, but eager to show all that at full strength they are the best side in the competition and they certainly exposed Federals' poor start in the first term to lead them a merry dance scoring 7.5 to Federals 3.1 point to have a handy 28-point lead as the siren sounded.

After coach Alistair Smith's address at quarter-time a more focused and determined Federals outfit rose to the challenge restricting Railways' free flowing play to stem the tide and although they could not make up for their poor start Railways could only manage 2.1 while Federals added 1.2 points, giving Railways a 33-point lead at half-time; scores being Railways 9.6 (60) to Federals 4.3 (27).

After some positional changes and a stirring address from our league coach Federals entered the arena ready for the challenge ahead and they certainly took the game right up to Railways, with plenty of determination and heavy clashes afield which got the crowd involved as they spurred on their respective teams. Federals finally started to tick the score board over kicking 5.3 while restricting Railways to 2.1, reducing the game to a 13-point lead to Railways as the third term ended.

The final term was a spectator's dream. With team pride and bragging rights on the line all was set for a thrilling finish and that's exactly what happened, as both sides gave no quarter and at around the 18-minute mark Federals had finally caught their rivals.

With the score board showing a set of twins and several minutes remaining, who would take home the bacon? With the crowd on their feet and in full voice it was Railways who finally broke clear to hold off a gallant Federals side to win by a margin of 8 points; final score being Railways 13.11 (89) to Federals 12.9 (81).

Awards: 1st Jarred Patmore; 2nd Jayden Narrier; 3rd Sean Oliver; Coaches' award to Kane Robinson.

Federal Fillies had a good hard fought win over the Railways Fast Tarts by seven goals; scores being Federals 61 to Railways 54. Well done girls.

Awards: 1st Kiara Stone; Equal 2nd Sarah Gomersall and Clara Garlett.

Next Sunday Federals league side travel to York for the first elimination final where they take on the Quairading Bulls in what should be a very entertaining afternoon of football so head over to support your team.