Long-term Grass Valley projects revealed in community plan

Grass Valley will continue to see new infrastructure developed in the area following the Shire of Northam council endorsing a new 10-year-plan for the town.

The plan, that includes more than $360,000 in works, was unanimously voted in by the council at a meeting last Wednesday night.

Reporting officer and community development officer Jaime Hawkins said the plan follows extensive community consultation.

"The Grass Valley Community Plan 2019-2029 has brought together residents and stakeholders with an interest in Grass Valley's future," she said.

"It identifies opportunities, initiatives and priorities for the Grass Valley area to achieve a vibrant and sustainable future through population and economic growth.

"The plan aims to encourage diverse investment in the region, inform infrastructure, planning and investment decisions and maximise social, environmental and economic outcomes for the local community.

"The consultation has identified Grass Valley as a unique community, proud of their history as a rich agricultural district and chaff producer, and identified the key issues and aspirations of the community over the next ten years."

As part of the community consultation 32 people engaged with a survey and 20 community members attended a final workshop.

Ms Hawkins said although there was a small number of respondents, the plan would still have a significant positive impact on the town.

"Whilst the numbers of community members who participated in the community consultation appear small, officers believe that they represented a significant cross section of the community," she said.

"Participation and input from the Grass Valley Progress Association was also significant in the development of this plan.

"Whilst it has taken longer than anticipated to finalise the plan, officers believe that the resultant plan is representative of the community, and recommend that council adopt the plan as presented."

Proposed capital expenditure projects listed in the plan include $90,000 to install BBQ facilities and play equipment at the local park, $80,000 to upgrade local tennis courts and $75,000 for ongoing improved streetscape works.

The Grass Valley Community Plan 2019-2029 can be viewed at the Shire of Northam website.