Federals look in good shape ahead of finals

League: Federal's Jackson Lyons reaching high in the ruck for the clearance. Photo: Kathy Burges.

League: Federal's Jackson Lyons reaching high in the ruck for the clearance. Photo: Kathy Burges.

Federal Football club played hosts to the Beverley Redbacks at Henry Street Oval and with Federals having a bye in the last remaining four rounds, wins in both League and Reserves grades are vital if we wish to finish in the top two and double our chances during the finals.

The league clash was billed as the match of the round with a very classy Beverley side sitting clear on top of the ladder and Federals in second spot fielding a very strong competitive side all was set for a great game of football.

The game started at a blistering pace as both sides pushed hard to gain the ascendancy and it was Federals who gained the upper hand kicking with the aid of a slight cross breeze in a very hard fought first term but once again scoring goals became a problem as Feddies kicked 4 goals, 5 points while Beverley were very accurate kicking three goals straight to give Federals an 11-point lead as the first term ended.

The second quarter was a very even affair with both sides attacking the ball with great vigour and with most players being involved in some heavy clashes scoring was kept to a minimum as the half time siren sounded Federals had increased their lead by one point - scores being Federals 5.7 to Beverley 4.1; a lead to Feddies of 12 points.

The third term saw Federals come out fired up as they produced their best football for the day increasing their intensity all over the ground placing great pressure on the Redbacks to limit their scoring to two goals for the term while Federals themselves scored 5.5 to have a very handy lead of 35 points going into the final quarter.

The final term saw Beverley throw all they had left at federals in an attempt to snatch victory but unfortunately although they outscored Federals by two goals time and the lead established by Feddies in the third term was out of their reach as the final siren sounded Federals were victors by 22 points.

Final scores: Federals 12.14 (86) to Beverley 10.4 (64).


The Federals Fillies had a 40-goal win over the Beverley Redbacks. Final scores were Fillies 69 goals to Redbacks 29 goals. Well done girls.



1st: Zeke Kennedy;

2nd: Seth Rose;

3rd: David Slater Jnr;

Coaches award: Tayla McPherson - thanks for your help for the day.


1st: Kadyn Beazley;

2nd: Sean Oliver;

3rd: Jackson Lyons;

Coaches award: James Everett.


1st: Lisa Williamson;

Equal 2nd: Sarah Gomersall, Rikki Garlett and Kiara Stone;

3rd: Stacey Hunter.