Work starts on Merredin solar farm

Construction work has begun on the Merredin solar farm to prepare the site for installation of the solar panels and substation equipment.

Once complete the farm is expected to provide power to 42,000 Western Australian homes.

Delivery of the 360,000 solar panels and trackers needed for the site is expected this month.

Risen Energy renewable development manager Andrew Owen said there would be an increase in traffic with equipment deliveries from Fremantle.

"There may be turning traffic at the intersection of Robartson Road and the highway," he said.

"With the location of the Merredin solar farm to the west of Merredin, it is anticipated there will be no increase in heavy traffic in the town as access to the site will be from Robertson Road."

At the height of construction, it is estimated that 230 personnel will be working on the solar farm site however, once operational, the solar farm will require three-to-five full-time workers to maintain the installation.

Mr Owen said Risen Energy had endeavoured to use as many local resources as possible including labour, equipment, contractors and accommodation at the solar farm.

Risen Energy general manager Eric Lee said the farm would use the latest solar technology to supply power to the grid.

"Ultimately, integrated battery storage will be incorporated in the solar farm to provide continuous power during periods of peak demand," he said.

Full construction of the solar installation will continue through to late 2019 power sales expected to commence in the fourth quarter of the year.