Stallion Homes advocates a tree change for better health and improved productivity

The Avon Valley is preparing to welcome the throng of visitors who are expected to attend this year's Avon Descent.

In anticipation of their arrival, Stallion Homes is rolling out the red carpet to entice many of the thousands of Avon Valley tourists to consider a tree change to our community.

Each year, the valley captivates visitors with the area's natural beauty, country charm, and laid-back atmosphere.

Invariably, a number of them seriously consider a permanent move to the valley's more idyllic way of life.

Given the downside associated with today's stressful city living, it's no surprise that a number of working professionals and retirees decide to make the move to the Wheatbelt.

In an effort to escape the congestion and chaos of the city and suburbs, city dwellers are flocking to Stallion Homes to investigate alternative lifestyle options.

There are a number of factors contributing to peoples' decision to make the move to the country.

One contributing factor is the newfound freedom that professionals now enjoy due to the IT revolution.

Increasingly, office workers and corporate managers are taking advantage of the greater flexibility afforded with the advent of the home office.

Telecommuting eliminates the drudgery and expense of long commutes while providing happier alternative lifestyles that the valley offers.

The disadvantages of more traditional modes of commuting are stressful and contributes to increased pollution and generally less healthy quality of life.

Companies are quickly affording workers the ability to reconsider this scenario.

Contrary to popular belief, recent studies demonstrate that workers who telecommute are happier and more productive.

Retirees also gain an enhanced lifestyle with their transition to country living.

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Some studies suggest that a senior's proximity to recreational activities and a more pristine environment contribute to greater longevity and better health.

As a designer and builder of exclusive, upscale rural homes in the valley, Stallion Homes understands what is attracting new homeowners to the valley.

That's why Stallion Homes' first task for any new client is to listen.

As each new home is painstakingly customised for the customer's needs and wants, Stallion's architectural staff sit down with each client to evaluate design features and lifestyle considerations in creating their dream home.

Stallion Homes eschews the cookie-cutter approach to homebuilding.

No Stallion home is alike.

Stallion's architects are there to make each customer's dream home a unique build.

Stallion's goal is to make sure that each home exceeds expectations.

As a fellow Valley neighbour, Stallion Custom Homes has a vested interest running an environmentally responsible, green business.

This commitment to keeping the valley a pristine place to live is carried through to all aspects of the build from land conservation to use of green building materials.

Their cost efficiencies are reflected in every detail to ensure that the end result is an affordable, custom-built, one-of-a-kind masterpiece to enjoy for decades to come.

That's why, in addition to maintaining sustainability, other green factors Stallion seeks to achieve is the highest possible energy ratings, solar awareness, and practices that aim to preserve our idyllic community for generations to come.

Their dedicated team of highly experienced tradespeople highly value their customer's wishes.

They rely on regular client feedback, throughout the build, and they work diligently to achieve the client's vision.

To learn more about what Stallion Custom Homes can do to bring your dream home to fruition go to or call 9621 2020.