Strong win for Federal League side over York after season break

After a two-week break it was back to Henry Street oval for round 11, taking on the York Football Club; and with the oval being damp underfoot it would be a testing time for all players involved.

The reserves side ran on to the arena knowing they would be in for a tough day as the York Roos have slowly made their way up the ladder to second spot.

With the game commencing it was York who showed the most desire to attack the football, sending it forward on numerous occasions, while it took Federals some time to trouble the scoreboard, ending the term with York kicking 3 goals, 3 points to Federals' 2 goals - a lead of nine points.

The second term belonged to York and with most of the play and restricting Federals to two points for the term could have established a resounding lead if not for goal-front inaccuracy, adding 1.5 to their tally to take an 18-point lead at half-time: York 4.8 to Federals 2.2.

What was said or put in the water at the long break is anyone's guess.

But Federals came out a completely different unit for the third term taking the challenge right up to York.

But with Federals now being inaccurate in front of goals they squandered the lead by kicking 3.7 while York only managed 1.3, ending the term with York two points in front.

Scores: York 5.11 to Federals 5.9.

The final term began as an even contest for the first 10 minutes, but as the term extended so did York's lead, as they took control of the game through some smart football.

York once again restricting Federals to one goal, while themselves kicking 3.3 to run out winners by a margin of 17 points.

Awards: 1st Joe Byworth; 2nd Damien Gidgup; 3rd Seth Rose; Coaches award to Tom Wilding.

The league game was a must win for Federals to stay in the top two and a double chance come finals time; and with six rounds remaining other teams will be going all out for a final four berth.

The first term had Federals burst out of the starting blocks sending the ball forward and taking the game by the throat restricting York's use of the ball while scoring goals with ease to establish a handy lead of 26 Points at the first break Federals 6.2 to York 2.0.

The second quarter saw York lifted all over the ground, applying pressure to Federals, stopping their free flowing game, forcing basic skills errors and matching Federals on the scoreboard to stay in touch at the long break.

The scores being Federals 8.5 to York 4.1; Federals by 28 points.

In the third term it was Federals who upped the tempo.

As we all know, a good third term can win most games, so they threw everything at York and managed to outscore them by 12 points to increase their overall lead to 40 points.

The term ended Federals 13.6 to York 7.2.

The last quarter saw York put in a spirited effort to close the gap and this was made easier with Federals inaccuracy at goals kicking 1.5, while York were the opposite kicking 4.1 and coming home with a wet sail.

But time would be their enemy as the Federals team held fast to record a 26-point victory.

Final scores: Federals 14.11 (95) to York 11.3 (69).

Awards: 1st Nathan Phillips; 2nd Jack Blaauw; 3rd Jarred Patmore; Coaches award to Zeki Allardyce.

The netball girls had a resounding win over the York Joeys 69 to York 27; a tremendous effort girls.

Awards: Equal 1st Katelyn West and Kiara Stone; 2nd Lisa Williamson.