Humans of the Wheatbelt - Caroline (Kaz) Morgan

Humans of the Wheatbelt is an initiative run by the Wheatbelt Health Network.

Humans of the Wheatbelt is an initiative run by the Wheatbelt Health Network.

I have been in the Wheatbelt for 16 years. I live in Nunile, about 10 km out of Toodyay towards Goomalling. Prior to that I was brought up in Bassendean, home of the mighty Swans.

I worked in the city for many years as a window dresser and visual merchandiser. There I met my future husband Paul, who used to work at the WA Museum in Northbridge.

We decided that after having our son Jack that we wanted a better life away from all the overpopulation in Perth.

I love where we live. We live in a very special spot - we are surrounded by nature.

I admit have an addiction to books. My heart skips a beat when I open a box of books. Its like a rush of excitement.

One day I said we have a spare 20 minutes to pop into the old Avon Book Centre where we found it was for sale. We couldn't stand the thought of Northam not having a book shop with so many bookshops shutting down and all those books going into landfill - so we started the Book Shed in early 2018 and a year later we have a shop down the main street in Northam, which just opened recently.

The Northam community is very kind, giving and sharing.

Since my father passed away two years ago I have been reflecting a lot lately on him. I feel that he did so much for me. He taught me to be kind, give if you can. He always wanted me to start my own business. He taught me my work ethic - you have to work hard to achieve.

My mum is my biggest inspiration to me. She has run her business for years and still works every day without a holiday and still loves it. I used to love going to the old underground library carpark book sales with her, and to Winthrop Hall. I guess that's where my love of books began, and my other passion for vinyl.

I have always had a passion for books and collected them since a teenager. I love learning about local histories. I really enjoy visual merchandising - that is designing a space for people to enjoy.

The best moment of my life was having my son Jack.

The worst moment of my life was finding out my father had cancer and only had 3 weeks to live. I never knew he only had a small amount of time left on the earth. He wanted to pass away at home. I was angry and sad that I didn't have more time to ask questions and spend more time with him.

My advice to anyone would be, be kind. Read more because knowledge is power!

Human - Caroline (Kaz) Morgan

Interviewers - Anna Cornish & Tom Gratis Roh

Photogapher - Tom Gratis Roh