Toodyay council back-flip on vote to not reappoint CEO

The Shire of Toodyay president has stood by the council's decision to extend chief executive officer Stan Scott's contract for 12 months, back-flipping on a decision made in March not to reappoint the incumbent.

The behind-closed-doors decision was made at an ordinary council meeting on Tuesday, May 28.

Shire president Brian Rayner said the original motion was to find a temporary chief executive, but councillors moved alternative motions that led to the re-appointment.

"Back in March, council didn't renew Stan's contract with a vote of five votes to four per the rules and regulations of the local government act," he said.

"What council did decide at that meeting was that the president and deputy president would negotiate with the Department of Local Government and WALGA to get a list of names for a temporary chief executive for a period of six months, to be extended to 12 months if needed.

"We contacted WALGA and they said they would give us a list of CVs for a fee.

"May's recommendation was that council approve the expenditure of $2000 so that WALGA can provide the detailed information and proceed with the process to appoint a temporary chief executive."

Mr Rayner said the discussion and voting was held behind closed doors because it was in regards to a contract.

The motion was lost two votes to six.

Mr Rayner said three councillors put their hands up to rescind the decision from March to not extend Mr Scott's contract. The motion was passed six votes to two.

He said an alternate motion was suggested to offer Mr Scott a 12-month contract from July 23, 2019 to July 22, 2020.

"The alternative motion was discussed robustly and at length," he said.

"It was passed six votes to two that we offer the chief executive a new contract."

Mr Rayner said he believes the decision to not re-appoint Mr Scott in March was made because 'outside pressures got to a few councillors'.

He said Mr Scott had been at the helm of community projects over his past seven years as chief executive officer.

"He has been the driving force for the information bay, upgrading Anzac park and the $13 million sport and recreation precinct project," he said.

A 12-month contract is being drawn up, with council to vote at a meeting in June.