Quairading St John equip community with lifesaving devices

Quairading St John volunteers have secured equipment that will help the community's ability to respond to a medical emergencies.

The volunteers have helped acquire equipment donations and education about the St John Community First Responder program, which aims to locate automatic defibrillators in population centres so they can be deployed quickly in the event that someone collapses and requires resuscitation.

Community paramedic Drew Richardson said good quality CPR and early defibrillation are critical for survival in cardiac arrest.

"That's why first aid and defibrillators are such a focus in our community now; we can use these to build community resilience," he said.

"Our volunteers in Quairading have done a tremendous job in raising funds for a defibrillator for the local police car.

"This has been supported by the local sergeant John Hancock, and we think it will work really well given the number of high risk situations police attend.

"Sometimes they have to call our ambulance to assist, and occasionally, it's for someone who could easily be saved just with the press of a button on a defibrillator."

Mr Richardson said St John also created a First Responder smartphone app which allows people to locate a nearby defibrillator unit.

The local defibrillators are registered on the app and when triple zero is called from the app, the caller's location is pinpointed, as is the nearest defibrillator.

The rollout of the defibrillator and the public education has been done under the banner of 'Caring for Our Kids', a community engagement campaign undertaken by Quairading's ambulance volunteers.