Potential lease of land decision put on hold until meeting held with local club

A decision to lease land to a commercial motorcross club has been laid on the table until a meeting has been held with the already existing local motorcycle club.

At a Shire of Northam council meeting on Wednesday night, a recommendation was presented to give a 10-year lease to TECon, acting on behalf of Eadine Road Pty Ltd, who would build a commercial motorcross club.

The lease, that has now expired, for Lots 470 and 471 Great Eastern Highway, has been held by the Federals Football Club who use the land for farming to raise funds for their club.

Four expressions of interest were received for a new leasee included hometown rival the Railways Football Club, the Northam and Districts Motor Cycle Club and commercial groups TECon Australia and AWP Group (Advanced Weather Protection).

Councillor Rob Tinetti moved an alternative motion after concerns were raised about the impact the lease would have on the current club.

In a report, Shire coordinator governance and administration Cheryl Greenough said if the lease was given to a professional motorcycle group it may have an adverse impact on the existing Northam and Districts Motor Cycle Club

"The Northam and Districts Motor Cycle Club have worked hard to establish themselves and set up a good community sporting group where people of all ages and abilities can come together for sport," the report said.

"TECon have not spoken to the current committee - they spoke briefly to the old committee - and the Shire feels that before any commitment is fully made between the Shire and TECon that a discussion should be held between TECon and the club committee to ensure they would be on board and there would not be any detriment to them."

The alternative motion was carried six votes to two.

Shire of Northam chief executive Jason Whiteaker said the decision does not imply that TECon will be given the lease of the land.

He said Shire officers will meet with both the proponant and the Northam and Districts Motor Cycle Club, and then present a new recommendation to council.