Corella cull decision deferred to come up with region wide response to pest

Photo: Cheryl Wood.
Photo: Cheryl Wood.

A controversial recommendation to cull a pest bird species has been overturned by the Shire of Northam council on Wednesday night.

A recommendation to consider unbudgeted funds for the culling of the Butlers Corella was overturned by councillors at the ordinary meeting.

The birds have caused damage and nuisance over recent years, according to a report by executive manager development services Chadd Hunt.

Mr Hunt said the large number of corellas have has caused significant damage to playing surfaces, native vegetation and CCTV networks throughout the Shire.

He said previous attempts at relocating the birds have not been successful and staff are of the opinion that culling them is the only viable alternative.

Councillors voted in favour of an alternative motion to instead defer the matter and explore taking a collaborative approach with neighbouring Shires when it comes to corella management.

The motion was created by councillor Julie Williams who said there was no evidence that culling solved the overpopulation issue.

"I understand and agree with the issue but am against culling in general," she said.

"I would like to see if there is an additional option.

"It will take time to talk to our neighbours so we can be ready for next season with plans in place."

Councillor Pollard who spoke against the motion said 'dead birds are dead birds'.

"Corellas are out of control," he said.

"I don't like playing with nature but it is time to deal with them in the last method available."

Councillors Ryan, Little and Tinetti who also supported the motion said it would take a concerted effort to manage the birds.

The motion to defer a decision, in order to liaise with neighbouring Shire's and come up with a plan for the next season was carried six votes to two.