Northam Golf Club's Elders Trophy event claimed by Ron Pitts

Twenty players were out on the Northam golf course on Saturday, May 11, to contest the Elders Trophy, a stroke event.

Despite some very good scores on the day, one player stood head and shoulders above the rest with an outstanding score of 88 off-the-stick, a nett 68.

A pretty good score considering, a) the dry conditions, b) he was playing his first game back after a six-month break, and c) that in two week's time he will celebrate his 90th birthday.

Ron Pitts, who is a bit of a legend at the club, has once again shown the youngsters at the club how to play the game.

A hole-in-one is considered the ultimate challenge in golf, however having a gross score less than your age is even harder.

A 72-year-old would have to par the course to achieve this, Pitts has achieved this many times over the years and again on Saturday with a gross score of 88.

Pitt's short game is outstanding with six pars on the day, including all of the par threes.

Runner-up on the day was Roger Podmore.

Podmore's nickname on the course is "two-stroke", not because his driving is economical, but because when he is on the green its putt-putt-putt.

An extra putt on the day relegating Podmore to second place with a score of 68.

Avon Valley Toyota novelties

Nearest the pins: No. 6 Bob Allert; No. 9 Matt Woods; No. 12 Gary Balt; No. 14 Matt Woods.

Best third shots: No. 3 Matt Woods; No. 5 Gary Balt; No. 15 Don Bates; No. 18 Matt Woods.

A reminder to all golfers who are unable to play golf next Saturday due to the elections; remember to cast an absent "tee" vote.

Next week's fixtures:

Wednesday, May 15 - Scroungers;

Saturday, May 18 - Avon Service Specialist-sponsored par event (timesheet)