Organisations asked to back local web series aiming to change perception of farmers

A group of young people from regional Western Australia and Queensland are calling on agricultural organisations to help them change the way farmers are perceived in the wider community.

Dowerin resident Kurt Richards is one of four young people who developed 'Shed Happens - Breaking down barriers between farmers and consumers', an online video series that shows life on the farm.

The Shed Happens team said they want to 'remove filters and give people all over the country direct access and insight into the lives of everyday farmers'.

The idea was created as part of the 2019 Heywire Regional Youth Summit, where 50 young people came together to develop ideas on how to make regional Australia an even better place for the young people who live there.

Now the Foundation for Regional and Rural Renewal is offering $100,000 in grants to organisations who are interested in bringing the 'Shed Happens' idea to life.

Heywire participant Saul Beaty said the seven ideas were informed by the experiences of the young people involved.

"We came to Heywire with a purpose: we each had a life-defining story to share," he said.

"We worked to develop ideas that can be adopted and implemented in local communities.

"These ideas were formed by our unique experiences; now it's your chance to take them on in your own community."

The range of ideas cover issues of transitioning to independence, connecting disengaged young people to regional services, starting a business, youth mental health, connecting consumers and farmers and celebrating difference in our communities.

Community organisations have until May, 13 to apply to be part of the projects at