Northam crafters do their bit for Christchurch victims

Ten Northam women have used their craft skills to help those involved in the New Zealand terror attacks.

The group of women have donated their time to create 17 quilt covers, as part of a larger campaign, 'Quilters Healing Hearts for Christchurch', organised by the New Zealand craft community.

Generous Wheatbelt community members have donated fabric and postage money, making the idea a reality.

Northam Craft Centre owner Wendy Miller said she has held three workshops out the back of the store to create the tangible gifts, representing love and supports.

"People have banded together from all across the world to donate 100 quilts for the families directly involved with the attacks and 100 to the first responders, for the trauma they had to face," she said. "It's just our way of helping.

You feel like you've done your part.

Wendy Miller

"You feel like you've done your part."

Ms Miller said the quilts each featured hearts, of all different colours.

"With the Muslim faith, there are certain stipulations on colours, because of the meanings," she said.

"The green and white will go to the Muslim families and the coloured to the respondents."

Ms Miller said she will see if Australia Post would be willing to waive some postage fees.

Ms Miller said the larger campaign had taken on a life of its own.

"There are people from Ireland, Dubai, all around the world sending in patches for the project," she said.

The campaign Facebook page said there has been an "overwhelming response" to the drive.

"...with support and blocks coming from all over New Zealand as well as the USA, Canada, Malaysia, England, Ireland, Qatar, Dubai, Scotland, Cambodia, Indonesia, South Korea, and Australia," the post said.

"This tragedy has touched so many people and this drive is providing a way to help, show support, and extend compassion."