Greyhounds new lure system unveiled by racing minister at start of Northam season

During the first meeting of the Northam Greyhounds for 2019, tourism, racing and gaming minister Paul Papalia has approved the implementation of the new hoop arm lure system at the track. 

The new lure, currently being used at all greyhound tracks in Western Australia has been designed to improve safety for the dogs competing.

Minister Papalia said he is confident that the move will continue to see positive outcomes for the industry in WA.

"The whole idea of this lure is to make it safer for the dogs," he said.

"The general design is to get the dogs further away from the rail and not bunched up which is what produces injuries.

"With the last couple of years in particular we have been focused on elevating West Australian greyhounds.

"I think we can say they are the safest animal welfare-wise industry in the world and certainly in Australia.

"We have the highest standards."

In 2018 no greyhounds in WA were put down due to being unable to race anymore.

Minister Papalia said it is important for the public to not compare the WA racing industry to the eastern states.

"Our industry has embraced the need to have the highest standards," he said.

"We have fewer tracks.

"We don't have the opportunities for people to do the wrong thing like we saw on the east coast.

"There's a vested interest in retaining that industry and enabling people to keep making their livings and continuing to provide entertainment to people who love the dogs.

"We want to have the best possible standards and I think we have that.

"I think we can be proud of it."