Youth precinct weeks away from community unveiling

The newly constructed Northam Youth Precinct in less than a month away from completion according to the Shire of Northam.

Speaking to the Avon Valley and Wheatbelt Advocate, executive manager engineering services Clinton Kleynhans said the project is coming together and set to open in mid-April, in line with Youth Week.

"All the skate bowls are poured," he said.

"There is one skate ramp left and then it's a case of landscaping, playground equipment, infrastructure, turf and signage.

"It comes with challenges.

"It means that you have several different contractors working on top of each other.

"We may have some minor delays by a week or two but we want to get things right and not rush them."

The precinct will include a skate park, flying fox, ping pong table, a basketball court and BBQ facilities.

Mr Kleynhans said the new hub is a reflection of community consultation over the past 18 months.

"This project went to the community and workshops were held with local kids," he said.

"The plans we made were the end product of what the community had to say."

Mr Kleynhans said the existing skate park on Clarke Street is isolated and underutilised.

"Making the new park more central it is more in tune with what we want to do with CBD revitalisation," he said.

"Often when there are facilities on the outskirts they are often underutilised and utilised by the wrong type.

"This creates more of a family environment with the BBQ facilities and the play equipment."

It has been proposed that when the new site is opened, structures from the old skate park could be used in other towns.

"We have been having discussions with other community groups regarding what's going to happen to the old infrastructure at the skate park, and there has been some interest in the other towns to relocating it to a park in other towns that don't have one," Mr Kleynhans said.

"That's a possibility."

The youth precinct project coincides with the new Northam aquatic centre development that is due to be complete in December 2019.

It's now revitalised the whole area," Mr Kleynhans said.

"I think it is going to become a very active hub.

"It's good that the pool and the youth precinct are being built around the same time so it will have a big impact.

"There will be notable change."