Hearing tests for the Avon region

Australian Hearing is urging Australians to take part in their Big Aussie Hearing Check, which kicks off during Hearing Awareness Week in March and will run until April 12.

Australian Hearing is running free 15-minute hearing health checks at the Wheatbelt Health Network in Northam and Toodyay on Tuesday, March 19 and Wednesday, March 20.

The focus for this year's Big Aussie Hearing Check is 'selective hearing'.

Australian Hearing principal audiologist Emma Scanlan said the idea of partners having 'selective hearing' is not a surprise to some.

“But there is a serious side to this," she said.

"What might be a surprise is that it could be as a result of undiagnosed hearing problems and a simple hearing test can reveal that.

“Healthy hearing is a big part of life. It keeps us connected to the people and things we love. Good hearing plays a significant role in helping people stay active, happy and involved in the world around them.” 

For details on the local hearing checks visit  www.hearing.com.au/events.