Avon Valley Tetrathalon a big success at Northam Equestrian Park

The Avon Valley Tetrathalon was held last weekend at Northam Equestrian Park.  

Each of the four phases ran smoothly for an action packed weekend with 80 entrants ranging from nine years old to adults.

The Olympic games where established in ancient Greece originally to test Pentathaletes. 

Tetrathalon, lacking only the fencing component, consists of target shooting, a two-kilometre long-distance run, a 400-metre swim and cross country jumping on horseback, all against the clock! 

Competitors receive points depending on their performance in each phase.

It is a great thing to see so many modern kids commit this level of training to an ancient and gruelling sport.

Thanks to the Avon Valley Show Jump and Pony Club members a great time was had by all who attended.  

The Hickstead Cross Country phase was particularly testing for horses and riders, consisting of diverse and beautifully presented obstacles.

The hospitality, welcoming attitude, good camping facilities and extraordinary organisation provided by volunteers of the club will ensure that entrants from throughout the state will continue to grow. 

Thank you to everyone involved for your enormous effort in preparing for and running such a successful event, and thank you to all attendees and support crew who came along for a great weekend of fun.

For more information about the Avon Valley Showjumping and Pony Club and any up-coming events, check out their Facebook page.