Northam Lions say thank you

Lion Roger Adams, Lion El Rewell, Lion Graham Rewell Lion Jim Smith.
Lion Roger Adams, Lion El Rewell, Lion Graham Rewell Lion Jim Smith.

Every year for the past fifty years The Northam Lions Club have started their festive season with the display and sales of the famous Lions Club Christmas Cakes and Puddings.

Last year, Christmas 2018 was no exception with the members delivering cakes and puddings to various outlets in Northam, York, Beverley and Wundowie.

The Northam Lions Club extend a giant Thank You to the business houses who displayed and sold the cakes and puddings, and also thank all in the community who purchased their favourite Christmas dessert.

Purchase of these cakes and puddings enable so many throughout local communities to be helped.

Since the first sales of Lions Christmas Cakes and Puddings in 1965, the program has raised an estimated 50 million dollars.  The profits from this project are donated back into the community in various ways. A few to mention are; Medical Research, Children’s Mobility Foundation, Eye Health, Hearing Dogs, Disaster Relief, Aged Care, Drug Awareness, and Youth Programs.

Northam Lions have been very fortunate  to sell their lions cakes and puddings at their November and December Lions Community Markets.

A week before Christmas  members displayed their cakes and puddings in The Northam Boulevard and had the opportunity to see many locals, wish them a healthy and safe Christmas and thank them personally for the support during the year.

Our new year is here, and Lions  members are eager to again return to projects to raise much needed funds for all to benefit.

The Lions Community Markets will return on Saturday February 3rd, in Bernard Park, and hope that we can encourage local community to come along and support the wonderful stall holders, and also enjoy for children the new edition of the Lions Cancer Train.   Train drivers Lion Jim Smith and Lion Garry Host will be waiting for all to experience a ride on our new train, especially the children.  All monies raised by the rides from this train are donated to childhood cancers.

So, here we are another exciting year, and Lions Club Northam look forward to new projects and adventures which will help  many who  live in our wonderful community.

We thank  you all once again for the amazing support throughout 2018, and hope to see you all during 2019