The Wheatbelt’s first baby of the new year makes his appearance

The Wheatbelt’s first baby for 2019 has finally been delivered eight days into the new year.

First time parents Brett and Courtney Bomford celebrated the birth of son Lucas Isaac Bomford just before 5am on Tuesday, January 8.

The new born weighed in at 1730g or 3 pounds 13 ounces. 

Lucas was born at Narrogin Hospital and is the first grandchild on both sides of the family. 

His birth was just two days after Brett and Courtney’s first wedding anniversary.

His dad Brett said the first 24 hours of parenthood have been noisy and filled with not much sleep.

“It’s all worth it because he’s kind of cute,” Brett joked. 

Brett said Lucas’ title of being the first baby born in the Wheatbelt for 2019 will add to another special birthday; Brett’s brothers birth taking place on Mother’s Day.

Lucas was due to be born on January 13 but Brett said it was all good timing with the birth coinciding with the beginning of his time off work. 

Brett and Courtney, who have been together for seven years said a child was a natural next step in their lives.

”We’ve got a house together and are married so the next step was kids,” Brett said.

A baby is yet to be born at Northam Hospital in 2019.