Council confirms postal vote for October local election

The Shire of Northam has voted to hold a postal vote for the October 2019 ordinary elections.

At an ordinary council meeting on Wednesday, December 19 council voted 9-1 in favour of having the Electoral Commissioner to be responsible for the conduct of the 2019 ordinary elections in the form of a postal vote.

Reporting officer Cheryl Greenough said the election will cost approximately $40,000.

“The election in 2017 was estimated by the Commission to cost $36,500 inc GST based on 6,820 electors and a response rate of 35 per cent,” Ms Greenough said.

“The election costs were slightly less with the cost to the Shire being $34,191.52.”

The estimated cost is based on there being 7,300 electors with a response rate of 40 per cent, five vacancies being voted upon, the count to be conducted at the Shire office, the appointment of a returning officer and the delivery of election packages. 

The cost does not cover a local government staff member to work in the polling place on election day and any additional postage rate increase by Australia Post. 

At the election scheduled for October 19, 2019 Shire of Northam President Chris Antonio, Rob Tinetti, John Proud, Julie Williams and Chris Davidson are up for re-election.