Humans of the Wheatbelt – Keith Willmott

My father was my best mate.  My mother never liked me.  She wanted three children and I was number four.

I have worked with people just out of jail or those who have been through major accidents getting them back to work. Met many people. It was a great job. Once a client has his prosthetic leg stolen – I went around to all the pawn shops and found it for him.

I also played ice hockey. It’s a rough sport. I started playing young and played masters level until I was 50. I went overseas with it.

When I retired I got into the business of buying and selling buses that tourists would pick up from Perth and drive over to Queensland. Met so many people. One lady I met was heading to WA to see her daughter - I decided to go with her for a holiday.

I went to Merredin first then Northam for three months and been here over 10 years but I’m not a local yet! I enjoy being here.  Northam has less problems than the cities I have lived in.

The Northam caravan park is a community - it’s usually quiet. Christmas time is great - all the kids run up and down between the caravans playing their games. Girls are always the ones in charge. That makes me happy. I like my caravan - it has the special pop up roof and I painted all the walls yellow.

I suffered depression for many years. I know my triggers now. People should listen before they speak. If you don’t listen then you will never get anymore knowledge.

 Humans of the Wheatbelt is an initiative run by the Wheatbelt Health Network.