Directions Northam spread Christmas cheer with fourth year of hampers

Vikki Sinagra, Emma Lawrie, Lydia Ugle and Brenda DeAtta.
Vikki Sinagra, Emma Lawrie, Lydia Ugle and Brenda DeAtta.

The team at Directions Northam has given back to the community for a fourth Christmas, compiling two hampers for local families in need. 

The team made up of Vikki Sinagra, Emma Lawrie, Lydia Ugle and Brenda DeAtta put together the hampers on their own accord, aspired by some of the clients they meet with. 

Directions Northam team leader and Indigenous mentor Brenda BeAtta said she finds joy in preparing the goodies for those who need them most. 

“We deal with a lot of people who are disadvantaged,” she said.

“We see people struggling and we try to help them as best we can.

“We try and get their employment pathway happening.

“It’s just a good feeling as well to give to those who are struggling this time of year and children are often the ones who can suffer.”

Vikki Sinagra said the act of kindness also makes the women feel good.

“It moves our hearts to give because there are so many people less fortunate,” she said.

“I can’t even imagine a kid without a good Christmas.”

The hampers include household items as well as Christmas treats.

“It’s so easy to put a couple of items on special in your trolley and it doesn’t cost much,” said Emma Lawrie.

“That sort of addition isn’t hard to do.” 

Ms DeAtta said she hopes other businesses jump on board and give to others in the community. 

“It doesn’t need to be big,” she said.

“I’d encourage everyone to give something this time of year to give some Christmas cheer.”