Bakers Hill records 2.2 magnitude earthquake overnight

A 1.8 magnitude earthquake has hit Wundowie overnight with residents taking to social media to share their experiences. 

The earthquake was recorded at 8.20pm on Tuesday, December 4 at a depth of 11km below the ground.

Initially Geoscience Australia recorded the quake as being in Bakers Hill at magnitude 2.2 but revised the report. 

A Geoscience Australia spokesperson said it is not unusual to have an earthquake in this location.

“It is not understood why the region of WA is one of Australia’s more active regions,” they said.

“Since 1960 Geoscience Australia has recorded some 15 earthquakes with magnitude 5 or above in the Wheatbelt region.

“The most recent in the Wheatbelt was the 2002 magnitude 5.2 earthquake near Burakin.”

Residents in Wundowie and nearby town site Bakers Hill took to Facebook saying they did not feel any movement from the quake but instead heard noises they mistook for thunder.

“It lasted longer than thunder which is what I first thought it was,” said one resident from Mauravillo Estate in Wundowie on Facebook.

“Then maybe a low plane, then possibly a truck?

“I looked outside to see if anything was around but there wasn't anything about, so remained puzzled.

“I didn't feel anything.”

A 1.7 magnitude earthquake was recorded a day earlier south-east of Beverley on Monday just after 10.30am.

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