Northam Indoor Hockey Association results for October 26, 2018

Check out the October 26 men's and women's indoor hockey results. Photo - Shutterstock.
Check out the October 26 men's and women's indoor hockey results. Photo - Shutterstock.

Results for games played October 26

Woman’s A-grade:

Angry Ants (3) drew Angry Birds (3)

Best players (Angry Ants):

Maddie Tomlinson

Sanna Boase

Chloe Fraser;

Best players (Angry Birds):

Stephanie Donegan, Kayla Abbey and Chloe Fleay.

Benchwarmers (7) defeated Tornados (1)

Best players (Benchwarmers):

Kelsey Lawrence, Jayde Edmonds and Nikki Smith;

Best players (Tornados):

Cassie Bonnett, Tracey McBride and Claire Ferguson.

Woman’s B-grade:

Misfits (2) defeated Warriors (1)

Best players (Misfits):

Ruby McMartin, Indy McMartin and Cody Pepi;

Best players (Warriors):

Louise McPherson, Louellen Whiteaker and Kirsty McPherson.

Angry Bees (6) defeated Panthers (1)

Best players (Angry Bees):

Bec Lyons, Karen O’Driscoll and Kane O’Driscoll;

Best players (Panthers):

Nadine Negus, Juana Paynter and Lisa Mourish.

Falcons (3) defeated Meckering (1)

Best players (Falcons):

Taylor Donegan, Grace Whiteaker and Tahlia Brown;

Best players (Meckering):

Erin Neilson, Rebecca Halse and Toby Leeson.

Men’s Grade:

The Others (9) defeated Oddfellas (1)

Best players (The Others):

Blakely Paynter, Adam Kelly and Colin Bignell;

Best players (Oddfellas):

Jason Coe, Josh Ferguson and Justin Corrigin.

Crabs (4) defeated CBF (0)

Best players (Crabs):

Bailey Donegan, Damon Geary and Corey Power;

Best players (CBF):

Jayden McPherson, Cody Stewart and Shane McGregor.

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