Public to pay tribute to historical Mokine plane crash

The Northam RSL Sub Branch in partnership with the WA RAAF Association are preparing to hold a commemoration service at Mokine to remember a plane crash 71 years ago.

Each year a service is held around the date of the crash with this year’s service will be held on the October 13 at 11am.

There is a memorial erected on the site on Avro Anson Road where four airmen lost their lives 71 years ago.

Killed where Burt, Hugo, Pebhai and Nixon.

On a D/F exercise out of RAAF Pearce W2262 the plane tracked 111 degrees for approx. 20 minutes.

After receiving a bearing from the Pearce station the crew requested and was granted permission to make a ‘ZZ’ approach; zero visibility, zero ceiling.

It was during this steep turn the aircraft impacted rising ground.

The four aircrew were thrown out and died instantly.

The plane came to rest against a rock which became the site of the dedicated memorial.

Over the past years the local Aero Club have conducted a fly past to symbolise the importance of the date.