Youth mental health training for service providers in Northam

Local service providers were taught how to better support clients with mental illness through workshops and training given in collaboration between Avon Youth Family and Community Services and the Mental Illness Fellowship of WA.

The two-day Youth Mental Health First Aid training was given to a group of service providers and community members. 

The YMHFA course taught adults who have frequent contact with adolescents such as parents, guardians, school staff, sport coaches and youth workers on how to assist those who are developing a mental health problem, experiencing a worsening of a mental health problem or in a mental health crisis.

Lead by facilitators Julie Emerson and Andrew McCann the program aims to increase the capacity of families, carers and friends to care effectively for themselves, other family members and their relative living with mental illness.

Catering on the day was provided by Toodyay Locals Care.

Avon Youth Family and Community Services are also hosting a 12-week Wellways ‘Building A Futures’ workshops on Saturdays being delivered by the Mental Illness Fellowship of WA.

The educational program is held in an informal setting involving group discussions, DVDs and practical demonstrations.