Rangers revegetate the river

The town pool in Northam has been a hive of activity over the past couple of weeks as the Noongar Budjar Rangers assisted the Shire of Northam to plant the river banks with native species.

The Wheatbelt Natural Resource Management supported ranger team spent three days planting more than 4000 native seedlings that once established will assist in bank restoration around the town pool area.

The Shire called on the rangers when they needed the seedlings planted in a short period of time.

The Noongar Budjar Rangers were able to mobilise quickly and had the equipment necessary to tackle the job.

The team members said they enjoyed the work as it was an opportunity for them to work on country restoring the land and the river which is an important site to the Noongar community.

The ranger team can usually be found at the Northam cemetery where they have been contracted by the Shire to assist with the care and maintenance of the area.

Natural Resource Management team supervisor Jermaine ‘Bomber’ Davis said the aim of the Noongar Budjar Rangers is to provide employment opportunities for young aboriginal people and to get them working on country.

“The team is picking up more and more contract work like this which bodes really well for the future,” he said.

The vision for the Noongar Budjar Rangers is to have multiple teams operating across the Wheatbelt undertaking contract work helping the community.

Toni Korotschuk-Rose is a project delivery officer at Wheatbelt Natural Resource Management.