Man charged for throwing pint glass at Northam pub manager

A man has been fined $950 for assaulting a manager at the Riverside Hotel in Northam during a night out by throwing a pint of alcohol.

Joseph Leslie Giuffre, 36, was convicted of common assault in his absence at Northam Magistrates Court on Monday, September 10.

At 9.40pm on Thursday, July 5, Giuffre was drinking at the main bar at the Riverside Hotel and became aggravated when it was alleged his brother spat on the floor. 

The pair were approached by the duty manager where Giuffre was asked to leave but refused, the court heard. 

Giuffre became aggressive when the manager attempted to remove a drink from his hand.

He threw the pint glass, glancing the face of the manager and pouring liquid on him. 

In doing so the pint glass smashed champagne glasses behind the bar.

The incident was captured on CCTV. 

Prosecuting sergeant Phil Milne said Guiffre said he couldn't remember the incident due to his level of intoxication.

Magistrate Jennifer Hawkins said the incident had concerning circumstances.

“Mr Guiffre was very fortunate nothing more untoward happened,” she said. 

“The context is concerning.”

Guiffre was fined $950 and $205.10 in costs.